About Us

McDougall and Sons Pty Ltd are believed to be one of the oldest privately owned stock & station agents on the Darling Downs, established in 1889.

The long established and highly respected business has provided customers with a complete selling service during its long history of the business.

Sue Wolski, operates the business with four dedicated staff who not only look after the requirements of pig, sheep and cattle sales but also the real estate business.

Sue’s, mother and father Jim and Jenny Brown (both now deceased) bought into the business back in 1984 from the then owners Terry and John Brown and Kevin McMahon.

Dennis Bourke is the longest serving member of the staff with over 35 years of service. Dennis has a reputation of being a competent live weight judge of stock in the district and is an excellent auctioneer.

Ross Ellis has been with the business for over 20 years, looking after the needs of clients in the sheep and lamb industry.

Office staff Rebecca Leeson and Eliza Johnstone look after the clerical side of the business.