Pigs, Calves and Goats

We conduct our weekly Pig and Calf Sale every Wednesday at McDougalls yards on the corner of Fitzroy and Lyons Street, Warwick.

Direct sales to processors arranged.

This auction is conducted with a bid card system, please obtain one from the office on the Wednesday morning prior to sale.  It is a lifetime bid card, and it is the responsibility of the holder to look after it.  Replacements are available at our yards office on the Wednesday for a cost of $2.  Please ensure we have your current address and phone number.

If livestock (e.g. calves, sheep, goats & pigs) are being purchased, a Property Identification Code is needed.

It is the vendors responsibility to ensure unsold items are removed from the premises, otherwise a disposal fee will be charged.

To register your goods for sale see Frances Reick.  She is available from 7.30am on the morning of the sale. A signed copy of Form 9 Appointment of motor dealers & chattel auctioneers must be provided before goods can be sold at auction.

Proceeds from Sundries and Poultry sale are available the following Wednesday at our main office in Palmerin St.

Poultry Sale: 09:30am approximately.

  • Poultry will NOT be accepted in cardboard boxes.

  • Water must be provided.

  • All poultry is to be brought in before the sale begins between 6.30am and 8.30am.

  • Cages are provided at the yards, but do fill up quickly.

  • Poultry can be sold from your own cages, but you must be there to collect them once empty.

  • Please ensure ALL poultry is booked in with Frances.

Goat Sale: 10:00am approximately.

To buy goats you must have:

  • A registered PIC number.

  • You must obtain a waybill from our saleyard office.

Sundry Sale: 10:30 – 11:00am approximately.

  • All purchases must be paid for on day of sale.

  • Cash or cheque only.

  • Dropping off and booking in of goods is strictly from 7.30am to 9.30am the day of sale.

  • Unsold goods must be removed by vendor.

  • No tyres accepted.

Pig Sale: 10:30am approximately.

  • A pig pass is required for the sale of pigs.

  • You must obtain a waybill from our saleyard office.

  • For Pig Pass information Click Here

  • A PIC number is required.

Calf Sale: 11:00am approximately.

  • A PIC number is required

  • You must obtain a waybill from our saleyard office.

Take a look at our checklist for sale procedures.