Sale of livestock checklist

  • Do you have a National Vendor Declaration/Waybill?
  • Do you have FULL LPA Accreditation?
  • Have you sold through McDougall and Sons Pty Ltd before? If not we need your details
  • Do your cattle have NLIS devices?


National Vendor Declaration/Waybill

The National Vendor Declaration/Waybill is a declaration by the producers regarding the food safety status for the livestock being sold. The NVD/Waybill is also a legal document for the transportation of livestock. It is important that The NVD/ Waybill is correct and fully completed and must accompany livestock to the sale yards

To order a National Vendors Declaration Book or an Emergency NVD or to find out more information click here or Phone 1800 683 111


Pig Pass

To order a Pig Pass click here or Phone 1800 001 458


Client Registration Form

A client registration form is required if you have not sold livestock with us before.

It is the vendors and buyers responsibility to make sure that all their details are up to date prior to livestock being purchased or sold.

Click on the icon below to download this form and return completed form prior to sale day.